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    What comes to mind when you hear that name? A small wild flower? Close your eyes, you’re almost there. The year is 1967 and you’re next to a FLEURETTE caravan made in Benet, the first folding caravan produced by Jean Lucas, which opens like a corolla of flowers. The French are just starting to get excited about this mobile second home, which is perfect for family holidays. For some twenty years, the folding caravan was the key to FLEURETTE’s success.

    But in the 1980s the market became difficult and the caravan became less popular. Customers arrived in Benet with their chassis asking to add a caravan living area to turn it into a motorhome. And so the first motorhome was born at Etablissements Lucas, boasting top quality and genuine cabinetmaker expertise.

    In a few years, FLEURETTE successfully adapted to the motorhome market, becoming a leading specialists in the luxury low-profile segment. In 2007, the business modernized and created a new type of model with innovative bodywork – the “A-Class” motorhome.

    FLORIUM was launched in 2010. This new brand of modern motorhomes, with clean-cut lines and modern décor, both in terms of their colours and materials, met a real customer demand for high-level luxury to satisfy their thirst for travel in the best possible conditions.

    Found throughout Europe, FLEURETTE Constructeur is, today, the only manufacturer to offer 100% polyester vehicles and it’s able to claim the “Made in France” label for two brands, FLEURETTE & FLORIUM.


    Jean-Lucas designs the first folding caravan


    Creation of the Frand Saning caravan, gold medal winner at the Concours Lépine. It unfolds like a flower corolla and is named Fleurette.


    Production of the first on-demand motorhome with a choice of designs.


    Creation of the rigid folding caravan. It is equipped with assisted unfolding with automatic locking.


    The company diversifies into motorboats with the Lucas 1000, boasting a polyester hull. It would be produced for 3 years.


    Manufacture of the Clip Car.


    Launch of the first range of low-profile models – the Pétrel.


    The final year that caravans are produced.


    Launch of the Migrateur, a turning point in Fleurette’s history, with its production signalling the end of all previous ranges.


    Launch of the first low-profile Fleurette, the Discover.


    Launch of the first range of Magister low-profile models.


    Ahead of its time, installation of the Fleurette TV.


    Launch of the Migrateur range.


    Record attendance at the Salon du Bourget.


    50 years and nothing but joy.


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