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    Travel in a group of five, in French luxury

    Because the best trips are experienced in groups, Fleurette is now offering a fifth seat aboard the Magister 70 LD. With a large lounge that can fit up to 7 guests and a large folding bed, the Magister 70 LD lets you visit the world without leaving your loved ones behind.

    * With driver, 90% clean water, 90% gas, 90% diesel and tooling. Drinking-water drain tap to limit it to 20L for driving.



    • There are no features available



    GAMME: Magister
    IMPLANTATION: Lit à la française
    LONGUEUR: 6m97
    LARGEUR: 2m34
    HAUTEUR: 2m75
    MOTORISATION: Fiat 2,3 Multijet 130 ch
    PTAC: 3500 kg
    POIDS à VIDE*: 2953 kg
    PORTE DE SOUTE: H41 x L96
    MODèLE: Magister 70 LD
    CARROSSERIE: Profilé lit de pavillon

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